Environmental Management Policy

It is the policy of The Okonite Company to:
  • Comply fully with the letter and spirit of all applicable environmental laws and regulations;
  • Seek opportunities to exceed current standards for energy and water use, environmental protection, pollution prevention and climate change;
  • Improve programs to increase energy efficiency, minimize waste, increase recycling, and reduce impacts on the environment;
  • Train all employees concerning energy and environmental requirements, and ensure accountability for and recognition of actions;
  • Ensure that regular reviews of all energy and environmental aspects of Okonite operations are conducted through an audit plan and corrective action program;
  • Communicate effectively with local communities regarding energy and environmental progress and performance;
  • Maintain a dialogue with customers, local communities and governmental agencies on energy and environmental matters and seek out partnerships to achieve results more effectively and efficiently;
  • Lead efforts to draft and reform laws and regulations to create more effective energy policies and greater environmental benefits; and
  • Continually improve energy and environmental performance using data and analytical methods. 
Greenhouse Gas Emisions
Electricity Consumption
Water Consumption