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CLX metal clad armored cable is The Okonite Company's welded and continuously corrugated metal clad (armored) wiring system. CLX cable offers engineers and specifiers a cable system with built-in environmental protection for all types of electrical circuits, whether used for instrumentation, control, signal or power distribution. With millions of feet installed throughout the world in every type of climate, CLX armored cable has established a proven record of reliable performance.

There are many reasons why users prefer Okonite CLX metal clad armored cables. It's the preferred cable for Class 1, Div. 1 - Lowest EMI. It's also the best off-the-shelf cable for PWM drives.

CLX metal clad armored cable is a cable in conduit wiring system employing a mechanically strong, yet pliable sheath of corrugated aluminum, copper, bronze or steel, which can be applied over a variety of cable cores. CLX is a standard in many industries: chemical, petrochemical, pulp & paper, high tech, food plants, metals, mining, transportation, generation, etc.

CLX metal clad armored cable is used for instrumentation, control, low voltage and medium voltage power circuits. It's well recognized by the National Electrical Code, and recognized in Article 334 "Metal-Clad Cable" as a factory assembly of one or more insulated circuit conductors in a corrugated metallic tube.


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